Sargo 36 Fly Links

Short video of Sargo 36Fly

Here is a short video of a in commission 36Fly under test at the Swan yard in Finland.  The boat was in the water for Mercury to calibrate the twin V8-370 engines, triple joysticks and for the guys to test the Seakeeper system.  If you like engines, you'll like the noise!


Powerboat & Rib test on 36Fly

The guys from Powerboat & RIB recently tested a Sargo 36Fly with us; a special creature this one with customised everything - from the rails to the SeaKeeper system.  They described her as having a ' smooth ride and relatively low sound levels'; and ' the most impressive aspect of the Sargo 36 is the driving experience'.  Read their thoughts here; why not sign yourself up for this great magazine?