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Sargo - chosen by professionals around the world

Sargo’s professional customers, such as police and rescue authorities, rely on vessels tailored for extremely challenging applications throughout the year. Over the years they have delivered many professional boats to be used all over the world. This proves that Sargo’s commitment to quality, practicality and utility is widely appreciated and trusted.

Every Sargo boat consists of innumerable parts and components, state-of-the-art plotters and gauges and miles of cables. In our case no components or cables are laminated in; this ensures convenient serviceability. A stringent quality control during all phases of production is indispensable. 

Every single Sargo we deliver has been thoroughly tested at sea under real conditions. Our product development is a never-ending process, just like our careful model evolution. To a great number of professional and leisure skippers all around the world Sargo’s heavy-duty quality has proven to be very convincing.

Sargo boats have been desgined for challengng applications throughout the year. It is natural, therefore, for them to be chosen by so many demanding water bourne authorities. Much of the production is exported to be used as water taxis, patrol and rescue boats around the world.

Most notible customers of the customised Sargo range are the German police, security patrol boat at Santa Barbara, Norwegian Red Cross and Norwegian police. As Norway produced a few different brands of wheelhouse boat, we are proud that authorities there chose Sargo.

Sargo boats can be tailored to customer's specifications in addition to the latest MCA coding requirements to ensure the seaworthiness and practical design can be supported by a layout and engine set up to suit your needs.

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