Sargo Timeline

A new era for Sargo Boats - the Sargo 45 is launched!  After 55 years in the industry, Sarin Batar extend the range to 14.60m metres and offer IPS drives.  This new boat offers safe, solid and tough sportiness in a whole new way - bright, modern and luxurious.
The all new Sargo 28 is launched - longer hull length giving improved handled, more storage, larger head, new aft deck arrangement
In the family traition of never standing still, the ever popular Sargo 36 undergoes a remodel ready for 2020.  Offering enhanced storage, even greater space at the helm station and redesigned looks the new Sargo 36 was launched to customers August 2020
2018 saw the launch of the aft door version of the popular 31.  This version has the twin sides doors but with the addition of the aft door creates a totally different feel to the boat.  The use of space is revisited; a linear, large galley and C shaped comfy sofa adds a wow factor to this two cabin boat.
50th anniversary year sees the opening of larger facilities
The Sarin family open their new enclosed, in water testing bay and new production hall extending their facilities.  The test bay has a water recirculation system - even in the middle of winter boats can be teated prior to leaving the yard.
A Legacy of Excellence - 50th anniversary year
Since 1967 the Sarin family has been building boats that re-defined their markets through impeccable build quality, unparalleled safety, and drop dead gorgeousness.  They stand alone when it comes to those who demand the very best.
The new Sargo 33 is launched to the press in June at Finnboat Floating Show.  She will also have her UK debut at Southampton Boat Show
New Sargo 31 is presented at Dusseldorf Boat Show.  Although a 31 has been in the range for some time, this new version has been completely redesigned using CAD technology to ensure space utilisation is flawless.
Sarins Batar launch the new brand SARGO on the 9th June
The new 25 is presented.  This version sees the introduction of two separate, dedicated sleeping areas - unique in a boat this size.
Minor Offshore 36 is launched; model is the winner in Best Wheelhouse and Walkaround category at the Motorboat Awards.  Company have produced over 1900 motor boats.
Minor Offshore 28 launched; very quickly becomes popular due to its two comfortable cabins, again something not offered by main rivals
Minor Offshore 25 launched
Sarin Batar celebrate 40 years of building boats; by now they are employing 35 local craftsmen to build their boats.  Minor Offshore 31 announced.  First Minor is delivered to Russia
Minor 27 WR is launched.  This is the first model made to extend the range to cover shaft drive.  The boat proves very popular with both leisure and commercial customers, her deck space making her perfect for water taxis
The Minor 34 WR boats are delivered to the German police, making the total of ninteen boats having been delivered to the German authorities
Sarins Batar moves some of its production and operations to the new facility in Lahdenpera; demand is so high Sarin Batar builds it's own new facility.  Minor 34 WR is launched after two years of development
The Helsinki Boat Show sees Sarin Batar display six models, the Minor 760 Jet drawing the bulk of the interest.  Equipped with  propulsion system developed by FF Jet Ltd in Kokkola
The 1000th Minor is launched at the Helsinki Yacht Club - a Minor 29 Oscar.  The boat yard employs 14 people
Minor 29 launched with an elevated deck, cabin for 2-4 people, head and galley
First customised boats for the German police are delivered
Minorita launches
Minor 750 launched
Minor 28 launched
Minor 28 Columbus launched with its forward facing windscreen - increasing visibility and the feeling of space in the wheelhouse
Minor 7600 launches
Minor 800C launched
Minor 640 launched
A nocturnal fire destroys the Sarin's joinery workshop in February.  The search commenced for a new workshop to ensure production continued and the staff remained employed
Walkaround boat Minor 700 is presented - the first walkaround boat with an aft cabin.  The boat had a sharp aft, deep V, shaft drive and keel for increased course stability.
Minor Boats are created and the Minor 650 is presented.  Sarin Batar starts development of its own products
'Amerikasexan' sailing boat is being completed for a local customer
Product range extended to include Snipe and Optimist
Sarins Snicker starts making OK dinghies fabricated from GRP; in total over the years Edy made 250 of these dinghies
Edy Sarin founded the company Sarins Snickeri and starts to make wooden interiors for Swan sailing yachts
Edy Sarin was hired by Pekka Koskenkyla at Nautor and was involved in the bulding of the first Swan 36
Edy Sarin starts to learn his trade building wooden boats with his father