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Since 1967

Sargo Boats are created, designed, and built by people who have been in business since 1967. The brand began as pioneering tradition of Minor by Edy Sarin over fifty years ago; in 2014 the brand underwent a name change to Sargo when the sons and daughter took over the business. Behind this you will find one boatbuilding family, the Sarins, who continue their success into the third generation. Ostrobothnia is home to their boatyard; on Finland's west coast close to Kokkola. The Sargo core strengths are from common sense thinking and a demanding Arctic home environment. A short test at the wheel of a Sargo demonstrates this no-nonsense, one-of-a-kind boat building philosophy.


Sargo Style

Style never goes out of date.  Several decades of R&D have taught the family 'form follows function'.  Meeting the technical demands of a quality boat with pleasing lines, both internal and external.  Cabins and decks show the distinct Scandinavian clean lines, ergonomics, cool colours, and practical design.  Some are so obvious you won't even notice them - like the single level deck.  We call it Sargo Style.


Guaranteed Quality

The Finnish boating industry is renowned for its well-made, top-quality boats. Sargo has taken its quality standards to the next level by using the Sargo Production System (SPS) method developed by Sargo. The method guarantees the quality of their boats, remaining constant as each production stage is standardised. The boats are 100% hand-made in Finland, and highly skilled boat builders are responsible for every stage of the building.

About Sargo, quality standards

Sargo Boats UK Limited 

Sargo Boats UK Limited are a husband-and-wife team who have over 30 years’ experience in the marine industry. Our personal boating and previous occupations have enabled us to ensure the business focus is our customers. We are proud that many of our owners are now friends.

From Sargo Boats UK you can expect your relationship to continue long after delivery of your new boat. From after sales to annual maintenance we are always on hand when needed. Providing a friendly, personal but professional service Sargo Boats UK are passionate about ensuring the purchase process, specification and build of your new boat exceeds your expectations.


Sargo boats are built for all kinds of weather; they must be able to face anything in their home environment of the Gulf of Bothnia. They are true all-season boats that will take you beyond the usual comfort zones of weather, speed, handling, and ride. The thickness of the hull and supporting stringers are designed with safety at the forefront. The heavy-duty hull keeps the centre of weight low whilst ensuring stability and durability. The hull is tough and hydrodynamic, renowned for its quiet ride even in rough seas. Their test crew spend hours at sea ensuring each model lives up to its reputation. As testament to their handling and robustness you would find Sargo commercial boats in all four corners of the world. Even Volvo Penta has one as a test boat.

 Sargo’s boats undergo a rigorous quality inspection at the new boathouse before being handed over to customers. Every part of the boat is tested during the inspection: all electrical appliances are tested; the boat is subjected to a rain resistance test and even the hotplates are checked by boiling water on them. The Sargo boathouse is the only facility in Finland to provide a year-round sea water test environment.

Sargo boats are built for all kinds of weather Sargo’s boats undergo a rigorous quality inspection


Safety at sea can never be taken for granted which is why it is one of the cornerstones of the Sargo ethos. No compromises are made about how solidly built and well equipped your boat is. You will leave your berth with a very safe vessel with a generous list of features and equipment. 

Every Sargo model is standard equipped with a plethora of features: the latest chartplotter, windscreen defrosters, Volvo Penta trip computer. From the 28 upwards they all have three independent batteries to enhance safety. All boats are kitted out under the rigorous Volvo Penta Certified Installation program ensuring ultimate compatibility between engine, stern drive, and hull.

Sargo boats, No compromisesEvery Sargo model is standard equipped with a plethora of features

Tough Sportiness

In most situations Sargo effortlessly leaves most of its competitors in its wake, both on paper and on the water. A Sargo is fun to drive; sporty handling, responsiveness in turns and refined ride will make anyone looking for exhilaration at sea look no further. You can confidently push your Sargo towards the limits without even getting close to them. 

Sargo is a multipurpose boat with a defined sporty character. The concept has its foundations in not having to sacrifice the fun of boating for the common sense of it – the Sargo experience will offer you the best of both. Confident, sensible boating – and loads of fun! What more could you ask for?

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A Sargo is fun to driveSargo, fun to drive
Sargo is a multipurpose boat with a defined sporty character
Confident, sensible boating
Sargo Boats, sporty handling