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Very proud of her new Sargo 36 Explorer!

A lovely video of Ava introducing her new Sargo 36 Explorer on their first real trip out!  Ava's parents had a Sargo 28 for a while, then upgraded to this beautifully specified 36 Explorer with twin 370 engines, SeaKeeper system, generator, A/C and lots more.  if you are down at Hamble Point, why not take a peek on X pontoon - a stunning boat right down to the name

Southampton Boat Show 2018

Looking forward to exhibiting a Sargo 36 Fly this year for the first time, alongside the ever popular Sargo 28 with two double cabins.
If you planning on attending, why not take advantage of the 2 for £26 ticket offer on their website

Sargo 31 aft door version

Fresh from the Sargo yard - the new version of the 31 encorporating an aft door.  As you would expect there isn't really any compromise with this addition to the range - you still have the two side doors, two double cabins, full galley facilities and comfy saloon seating.  It just depends how you use your boat as to what version suits you!  Contact us for more details on pricing, availability and layouts

Two new 28s arrive

Two new customer's 28s arrived today; left in the snow and arrived into Tilbury in the snow!

Powerboat & RIB test on the 36Fly

Powerboat & RIB have published their test on the Sargo 36Fly online.  Read their thoughts here

Success from the boat show!

We've had a busy time during & after the boat show; loads of sea trials and sales.  Lead times are pushing out to the end of 2018.  A 10% deposit can secure a build slot for your new boat - why not take the decision to stand out in a boat that gets a wow wherever you go?

Southampton Boat Show

We will be exhibiting again this year at Southampton Boat Show, on berths M222/226.  If you are planning on visiting be sure to take advantage of the advance tickets which are £7 cheaper than gate prices.

New production facility

The new Sargo facility is all finished, with the in water testing area in front on the yard being officially opened on 26 May.  A short video on their Facebook page shows the finished unit here

Powerboat & RIB test on the 36Fly

Powerboat & RIB magazine have a great review of the Sargo 36Fly in this months edition (141).  Using terms like 'granite like construction'; 'truly exciting to drive' and seriously tough'.
See the full review in edition 141

Offshore 36 off to new home

The Offshore 36 we had for sale is off to a new home in Greece.  She has been selected by the owner of a shipping company as the perfect tender to her 170 foot luxury yacht!

Motoroboat Owner test on 31

Digital magazine Motorboat Owner have just published a test on the 31 Explorer in their february edition.  They describe her as 'versatile, fun and family friendly', and 'guaranteed to put a smile on your face'.  Sign up to get your copy of Motorboat Owner here.  Or check out there Twitter feed @motorboat_owner


Jersey Boat Show attendance

We will be attending Jersey Boat Show again this year, this time with a 36 Explorer.  The show runs over the first May bank holiday weekend, starting Saturday 29th April running through the weekend.  It's a great show with something for everyone so why not make it a date?

Nice Xmas pressie!

Myles & Robin are the latest proud owners of a new Sargo 28 - Roma.  A cracking Christmas present to themselves and their family.  Congratulations

Sargo 33 wins!!

The Sargo 33 has won the presitigious award of Best of Boats in Berlin.  We are all really pleased to receive this award as it is voted for by journalists from fifteen different countries so really demonstrates the wide spread appeal and regard for the yard. 

Sargo 33 nominated

The Sargo 33 has been nominted for 'Best of the Boats' award 2016.  Winners will be announced on 23 November with the ceremony taking place at the Boat & Fun Show in Berlin

New 28 arriving soon

We are soon to take delivery of a new 28 with various new toys onbaord, from Zipwake trim tabs to synthetic teak.  Can't wait to see the white Volvo engine....

Update on building works

It's amazing the strength of a name; having rebranded from Minor Offshore to Sargo in 2014 the yard go great guns to the point where they need to extend facilities to meet demand.  The extension includes in an internal launch/water test area with a water rotation system to stop the water freezing in winter

Southampton Boat Show

Amazing start to the boat show this year; enjoy the photo of the boats in the sunshine.  

New 33 sold

We are really pleased to have sold a new 33 before it even arrives into the UK.  The reputation of the ranges solidity, safety and tough sportiness allows confidence in your purchase - for those looking a serious all weather boat without compromise look no further.
Sargo 33 - arriving to the Medway early next year!

Sargo at the boat show this year

This year at Southampton Boat Show we will be displaying a 28 Explorer, a 36 and the brand new 33.  Come and see us on berths M221 onwards and bring some sunshine please!!

Extending production

The yard have started with our new harbor and final assembling hall. It will be a great support to our production facility in Lahdenperä, Finland and be complete with a dedicated launch/test area. Completion is planned for Summer 2017 & the Sargo 25

Alex Smith puts the Sargo 25 Explorer as his No1 winter boat.  According to Alex Smith -
'Targa owners will no doubt enjoy telling me I’m wrong to pick the little Sargo because they’re so dearly in love with their own boats – but the fact remains that I’ve tried both in a variety of guises and if I had to pick any winter boat for a vaguely sensible budget, it would still be a Sargo 25 with the Explorer package.
Not only does it offer as much versatility as any 25-foot planing craft could possibly be expected to achieve, but it does so on an authentic four-season platform that also happens to look sexy rather than pedestrian. Despite being the baby of the fleet it still comes with a Category B Offshore rating, plus a separate heads and sleeping for four. Okay, so the portside mini-galley is modest and every spare inch is made to work hard for a living but with a secure walkaround layout, great sea manners and plenty of helming refinement, it’s an extraordinarily effective package.'

The new Sargo 33

Quieter, smoother, faster than ever before - Sargo 33 having its reveal at Finboat on the 13th June.  We will also have one at Southampton this year

Jersey Boat Show

A very successful first trip to Jersey Boat Show for Sargo Boats; thanks to all who came along to take a look at Stellata, our Sargo 31.

A very special Sargo 36 Fly.....

on sea trial in Finland - first SeaKeeper installation, first Mercruiser engines and first ever boat to have triple Mercruiser joystick controls.  Totally customised spec, look and feel for a very happy owner!
See a short clip of her sea trial on You Tube here

360 tour of 36 Explorer

Our colleagues at Nova Yacthing have posted a 360 tour of the 36 Explorer with some handy app/hardware for your mobile

Practical Boat Owner test the 31

Practical Boat Owner recently tested the Sargo 31 using phrases such as 'a superbly functional-looking beast'; 'what this boat is about is going boating' and 'the deep vee hull soaks up turbulent topography like a well-damped luxury car'.  Published in the February 2016 edition

Another Sargo 28 Explorer

We handed over another new Sargo 28 Explorer yesterday that will be gracing the Solent and beyond, this one being based in Cowes.  In some suitably blustery British weather Mr & Mrs Chillman took ownership of 'Jade'.  This time, with the D6-330 engine, the Volvo engineer again was astonised by the pick up of speed and planing.

Motorboat Awards 2016

The Sargo 31 is a finalist for the 2016 Motorboat Awards with Motorboat & Yachting.  See the full details here

Motorboat and Yachting testing the Sargo 31

Motorboat & Yachting recently tested the 31 with us, and seemed pretty impressed as ever with its performance and nimble handling.  I love Jack's comment about using the glass in the sunroof to see on a portside turn!! 
See the video here; read the review in the November edition

Sargo Boats at the Southampton Boat Show | Berths M173 - M175 | 11th - 20th September 2015

Marco Marine will be at Southampton Boat Show displaying the Sargo range again this year. For 2015 we are proud to present the 25, 31 and 36 for viewings on berths M173 - M175. If you are seriously considering a Sargo for your next boat, why not join us for the trip back to Hamble at the end of the show - Southampton Water will be an interesting place at about 6.30pm on Sunday 20th September!!

New Sargo model announced

The yard have just announced the release of a brand new model - the 33. A first look she is a smaller version of the fab 36 - two large cabins, social wheelhouse space and, as you would expect from the Sargo yard, a cracking hull design guaranteed to produce amazing handling. Check out the 33 page for more information, and keep checking back for updates when they become available.

Sargo visit to Paris!

A new Sargo 31, recently handed over, took part in a Royal Yacht Squadron bi cententary trip to Paris. They had an amazing time, the Sargo drew lots of admiring looks. Once out into the English Channel, the owner of the boat in front did have to ask the Sargo skipper to slow down a little due to the chop! Didn't bother the Sargo...

Next Sargo on her way

After a manic, Sargo filled Spring the next one is on her way. This 31 has a dark blue hull and, along with her numerous owner specific modifications, is guaranteed to turn heads in the Solent and beyond. She's off the France for a trip soon as well. Why not pop down and take a look at her to she why the Sargo range has won so many awards

And off she goes

Following a packed handover day, the Sargo 31 Minali is off to her new home in Lymington. She certainly is a fun boat to drive, and we hope Martyn has many happy trips in her, and catches loads of bass!